bad comments are from consumers, positive comments from officers of the company, they stoop lower then you can imagine.... check out their license, check out with the bbb high pressure tactics combined with low quality will have you spending time warning other people considering them, they'll take your money and won't call or do the work promised, spoke to an ex-employee who would never consider having any work done by them and would never consider giving them one penny, you will woe the day you ever became involved with them I know I do, please get another estimate

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Kitchen Connection has changed to COASTAL KITCHEN & BATH REMODELING INC. Beware


The owner George Steinkamp opened a new remodeling company under a new name COASTAL KITCHEN & BATH REMODELING INC. Beware!


these guys are bad news - run away. Ran my credit card without autorization and then told me someone had done the work at my house!!! Total scammers

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